Internet dating scam forum

Mit der hier vorgestellten Studie wird erstmals ein bergreifenderes und valides Bild gezeichnet.

Sie basiert auf der Befragung von rund 1.100 Personen, die Online-Dating-Angebote in Anspruch nehmen.

In these, the scammer will pretend to be from a legitimate or a fictitious lottery and will tell the victim they have won a huge sum of money.

These scams are just the most frequent ones, and there are many others.

Also known as 419 scams, after the section of the criminal law in Nigeria which makes them illegal, or "Nigerian" frauds.

Legitimate lottery sites, names and logos are often stolen or copied and used to bolster the pretence.

There are many variations on check scams and we have more information in our specific scams section.

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